The Systems 3 Group consulting services are driven by a core philosophy – to help our clients shine.

We believe that the continued success of any business is absolutely dependent upon one factor - the usability of its management systems. Our approach to helping organisations establish, integrate or improve their management systems is bedded in a three tier process. We call it “Survive, Sustain, Shine”.

The survive phase is about sorting out the basic operating requirements of a business. These issues include shareholder expectations, customer requirements, legislation, community obligations and codes of practice. Survival criteria is most often stated in International and National standards such as ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 22301 (Business Continuity), ISO 31000 (Risk Management), AS 4801/OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety) and so on. The Systems 3 Group has a proven track record for assisting client organisations achieve compliance with these operating requirements in a practical, cost effective manner.

However, management systems in this phase can also be considered an add-on rather than part of normal operations. Frequently, there is a last minute scramble to fix issues prior to an external audit. Poor planning, accountability and resources can lead to a lack of employee engagement and an ineffective management system.
The sustain phase is about ensuring that survival criteria can be achieved in the long term - mere compliance with standards and legislation does not equal sustainable business practices. The Systems 3 Group can help organizations take their management system to the next level. Sustainable management systems are risk-focused and integrated ensuring better efficiency and effectiveness while reducing costs.

Once an organization has achieved sustainable practices, it can then seek to shine. The shine phase is the most challenging, yet rewarding phase of the Survive, Sustain, Shine process. To shine an organization must embrace innovation - built on the solid foundation of sustainable practice. Innovative ideas come from innovative thinkers and this is where The Systems 3 Group itself shines. Whether its designing integrated risk registers or using current mobile technology in audits, our years of international consulting experience means that we are never short of a good idea.

Your organization and The Systems 3 Group – together we will shine!