The Systems 3 Group’s suite of occupational health and safety consulting services is designed to support businesses make responsible and sustainable decisions that do not compromise worker health & safety. Our consulting services are delivered by professional consultants who hold specific competencies in the following disciplines:

1. OHS Management Systems (AS 4801, OHSAS 18001)

• Training
• Development
• Maintenance
• Auditing
• Integration (with EMS and quality management systems)
• Evolution.

2. Risk Management

• Development of personal hazard identification tools
• Development of fatal risk protocols
• Heath and safety hazard identification
• Development and validation of hazard control measures.

3. OHS Legislation

• Development of OHS legal registers
• Legal compliance audits
• OHS legal register reviews

4. Occupational Health and Safety Functions

• Dangerous goods management
• Asbestos identification and management
• Confined space protocols
• Incident management
• Emergency response planning.