Privacy of Information Provided

The Systems 3 Group commits to safeguard any sensitive information provided to us at any stage. Client contact details are stored for the purpose of future direct marketing. Accuracy of information is important to us and changes or corrections to information held will be welcomed at any time.
The Systems 3 Group’s database is managed in accordance with Privacy Act 1988 National Privacy Principles (Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 and it's email marketing practices comply with the provisions of the Spam Act 2003 and Spam (Consequential Amendments) Act 2003.
All email communications will include a functional unsubscribe facility, including email, phone, fax and physical addresses to allow the communication of the addressee's wishes to cease receiving correspondence from The Systems 3 Group and its associated companies.
Any request to be removed from The Systems 3 Group’s email database will be acted on within 24 hours of receipt of that advice, whether that advice be by email, fax, phone or mail.
Client information is not given, or sold to third parties.

Complaints concerning our Privacy Policy

All complaints under this policy will be dealt with promptly in a confidential manner and will not be used to affect the provision of any services either requested or contracted to be supplied to the complainant.
Complaints under this policy are those that relate to collection of personal information or how it is collected, stored, used or disclosed. All staff undertake training on privacy and the person receiving the complaint will attempt to resolve the complaint, forwarding information on actions taken to the Senior Partner - Systems.
Complaints concerning the privacy practices or about how personal information is managed, may be forwarded at any time to the:

The Senior Partner – Systems

The Systems 3 Group, P O Box 365,
Wilston Qld 4051.

Web Address: http://www.s3g.com.au/

Email Address: don@s3g.com.au
Results of any such appeals/complaints will be notified in writing.

Training Program Policies

Access and Equity

The Systems 3 Group ensures that all participants are provided with equal opportunities to learn through the fair allocation of resources and the right to equality of opportunity without discrimination. The Systems 3 Group tries to ensure that the selected venue does not disadvantage people with disabilities. Where the venue cannot cater for certain disabilities, then course participants will be advised of any limitations at the time of registration. Program timing can be varied to suit religious commitments. Advance notice of potential barriers to learning will assist S3G in ensuring optimum outcomes for all.

Access to Presenters

The Systems 3 Group understands that individual participants may require “one-on–one” assistance during a program. All S3G presenters are available to provide individual tuition during a program. This service is offered free of additional charge.

Appeals and Complaints

The Systems 3 Group is committed to maintaining openness and fairness in all assessment decisions. All participants who wish to appeal an assessment outcome should do so in writing. Initial appeals are considered internally. Should this process not achieve an agreement, a mutually acceptable third party will be appointed at S3G's expense.
Appeals and Complaints – Exemplar Global Recognised Programs
Should there be no satisfactory resolution to your appeal with respect to Exemplar Global recognised programs, you may advise Exemplar Global in writing of the nature and detail of the appeal. Exemplar Global will not over-ride an existing examination, but reserves the right to request a re-examination by S3G or another Training Provider. The Candidate or Graduate will remain responsible for any costs associated with re-examination

Confirmation of Attendance

The Systems 3 Group will confirm all participant bookings in writing. Confirmation of attendance can only be made upon receipt of payment. S3G account holders are not required to make advance payments. An account application form is available on request from The Systems 3 Group.


Program fees are subject to group discount. Discounts are granted on the following basis:
Three or more participants from the same organisation, booked on the same course – 5% discount
Five or more participants from the same organisation, booked on the same course – 10% discount
Three or more participants from the same organisation, booked on a second course within twelve months of the first course – 10% discount
Three or more participants from the same organisation, booked on a third course within twelve months of the first course – 15% discount.
Discounts only apply if training fees are received in a single payment. Discounts do not apply retrospectively.

Privacy of Training Course Assessments

Exemplar Global requires personal information for Provisional Auditor registration. If the candidate has attained appropriate competency units e.g. AU and QM and would like S3G to recommend them to Exemplar Global for Provisional Auditor Certification then the candidate must provide authorisation in writing.
The Systems 3 Group will not distribute assessment documents to prospective employers, certification agencies, auditees, etc, unless authorised to do so by the candidate. The only exception applies where documents are subpoenaed for use in a court of law. In this instance, the Candidate will be advised in writing.
Where a candidate chooses to change Training Provider, the candidate is the only person who may transfer records to the new Training Provider.

Participant cancellations and transfers

We understand that, on occasions, individual participants may be unable to attend a scheduled program. Should a participant wish to make a program cancellation or transfer, the following policies apply:
For cancellations more than ten working days from a program commencement, The Systems 3 Group will refund course fees in full or arrange a transfer to another program.
For cancellations received 10 working days or less from program commencement, The Systems 3 Group welcomes substitute participants without additional charge. Fee refunds are not available and transfers will incur a 10% transfer fee. Where a participant does not attend the course, any course fees will not be refunded or transferred to another course. Participants are still liable for all course fees which are unpaid.

Protection of Pre-paid Course Fees

The Systems 3 Group has established financial procedures which ensure protection of course fees paid in advance.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Systems 3 Group recognises the existing knowledge of participants wherever possible. Participants seeking recognition of their current competence should apply in writing prior to course commencement. Successful applicants may receive exemptions from elements of individual programs. Please note however, that some internationally registered programs do not allow for the application of RPL principles.

Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) – Exemplar Global Competencies

The Systems 3 Group will recognise properly documented and demonstrated competencies acquired at competency element or competency unit level and assessed by other Exemplar Global accredited Training Providers.