The Systems 3 Group is a niche firm that specialises in crafting successful management systems.

We believe that successful management systems have 3 things in common.

1. They are developed by individuals with extensive management systems and technical expertise
2. They are managed by people with defined management systems competence
3. They continually improve through comprehensive audit and review processes.

Our capabilities span the broad disciplines of management systems consulting, training and auditing.
Within these broad disciplines, we provide exceptional management systems and industry specific competence in the following fields:

• Environment
• Health & Safety
• Quality Management
• Food Safety and
• Business Improvement

Our Experience

Our industry experience covers a diverse range of industries in Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arabia, Brunei and Laos, including:

• Mining and minerals processing
• Federal, state and local governments
• Oil and gas
• Automotive manufacture
• Electricity generation
• Refining
• Chemical manufacture, storage and distribution
• General manufacturing
• Professional services
• Transportation and logistics.

Specialist skills

Our specialist skills do not relate just to industries, but to the difficult tasks associated with management systems implementation, maintenance and improvement. These skills include:

• Specific ‘technical’ consulting in our fields of operations
• Legislative compliance
• Standards compliance
• Management system development, improvement and integration
• Competency development and assessment
• Continuous improvement
• Problem solving and team building
• Strategic planning
• Audits and assessments

What drives us?

In all the things we do for our clients, we are driven by a core philosophy – sustainable business improvement. The key to sustaining improvement within a business lies in the integrated management of three fundamental concepts – compliance criteria, sustainable practices and innovation.

Compliance Critieria - Survive
Compliance criteria relate to the basic operating requirements of a business. They include such issues as shareholder expectations. customer requirements, legislation, community obligations and codes of practice. Satisfaction of compliance criteria as a sole business strategy yields survival in the short term.

Sustainable Practices - Sustain
Sustainable practices ensure that compliance criteria are achieved through good management - not good luck. These practices cover planning, design, plant utilisation, competency management, supply, verification practices, administration and finance. The implementation of sustainable practices in a business yields medium term growth.

Innovation - Shine
Innovation, built on the solid foundation of sustainable practice, will provide a business with on-going outstanding success. Shining businesses ensure that long-term profitability is never subservient to the promise of a 'quick buck'.

The Systems 3 Group equips its clients with the ability to shine by helping its managements systems shine.