As an Exemplar Global certified Training Provider, the Systems 3 Group can provide individual assessment in a number of defined auditor competencies outside the training course environment. Participant’s assessed as competent in relevant units of competency will meet Exemplar Global knowledge competency requirements to register at either auditor or lead auditor level. There are however further requirements to certify with Exemplar Global as an auditor/lead auditor.

Competency Units

The Systems 3 Group can provide individual assessments against the following Exemplar Global competency units:

Exemplar Global-EM: Environmental management systems
Exemplar Global-OH 45001: OHS management systems
Exemplar Global-QM: Quality management systems
Exemplar Global-FS: Food safety management systems
Exemplar Global-AU: Management systems auditing
Exemplar Global-TL: Leading management system audit teams
Exemplar Global-IS: Information security management systems
Exemplar Global-BC: Business continuity management systems
Exemplar Global-MD: Medical devices management systems

Competency Assessment Process

Candidates who wish to be assessed for each Exemplar Global competency unit are required to undertake a written examination.


A Certificate of Attainment will be issued to each Candidate deemed competent by The Systems 3 Group.
The certificate will include:

The Exemplar Global Registration Number of the Training Provider;
The full name of the Graduate;
The competency unit(s) attained by the Graduate;
The date of issue of the certificate; and
The name and signature of the authorised representative(s) of The Systems 3 Group.

Candidates deemed not-yet-competent (NYC) will be required to undertake a re-assessment process. This may incur an additional fee.

Assessment Fees

A fee of $300 plus GST will apply for each competency assessment and the provision of a certificate of attainment.

Relevant course notes can be separately purchased if required to assist with the completion of competency assessments. Costs of individual course notes vary.

Privacy Protection

Exemplar Global requires personal information for Provisional Auditor registration. If the candidate has attained appropriate competency units e.g. AU and QM and would like S3G to recommend them to Exemplar Global for Provisional Auditor Certification then the candidate must provide authorisation in writing.

The Systems 3 Group will not distribute assessment documents to prospective employers, certification agencies, auditees, etc, unless authorised to do so by the candidate. The only exception applies where documents are subpoenaed for use in a court of law. In this instance, the candidate will be advised in writing.

Where a candidate chooses to change Training Provider, the candidate is the only person who may transfer records to the new Training Provider.

Appeals Process

Any candidate or graduate may appeal the outcome of the assessment by:

Step 1: Advising The Systems 3 Group in writing of the appeal and resolving it at that level; and
Step 2: If there is no satisfactory resolution at the Training Provider level, advising Exemplar Global in writing of the nature and detail of the appeal. Exemplar Global will not over-ride an existing assessment, but reserves the right to request a re-examination by the same or another Training Provider. The candidate or graduate will remain responsible for any costs associated with re-examination.

Recognition of current competencies

The Systems 3 Group will recognise properly documented and demonstrated competencies acquired at competency unit level and assessed by other Exemplar Global certified Training Providers.

Contact Us

If you do not wish to attend a public training program but you believe you have the background to undertake a competency assessment in your area of expertise, contact us on +61 7 3856 0033